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so should i pay off my rent or my 4 month old speeding ticket?

im about to make some dope shit



the life of luxury is not of the ones we live

transit line

culture sobriety

Perspective From Space
Michael Christmas
b i r d s
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Slowly getting back into things

Left alone with loneliness that shouldn’t exist, moved away in hopes to live a better life. Lost a few, but didn’t end up gaining much after. I walked alone, then I saw you. I don’t think you saw me, and if you did, I quickly turned around to make sure we could never be. Granted it’s only been a small amount of time, I can feel the world fast forwarding to 10 years from now. It’s not a matter of who you are to me or who I am to you, it’s a matter of what will happen in between. This isn’t intimate, this isn’t love, this isn’t friendship, this isn’t work, this is life. It’s all changing, and we can’t hold onto it until we are on the edge of losing it.

This is no one in particular, but it could be, this shit just happens when you are alone for a while. Being alone happens, sometimes people stay that way. That’s a fear, and that needs to passed by or we could all die. Life doesn’t make room for extra scrutiny, it pushes to move forward. It takes a while, but eventually things will work out, there’s levels to this shit. Culture is whatever is important, it’s whatever you dictate it to be, it’s something you chose. Everything is curated. It’s all dependent on perspective, and this is just how I see it and how I wanted to show you .

In this part of the world, in my life,

imisswhatcouldhave imisswhatwillbe

It’s been a while,

you stood there thinking I was fuckin crazy/you stood there thinking i was about to change the world.

Slowly getting back into things

Sober [rough]
Childish Gambino
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i got visions i need to show, if i don’t i might die

[World Famous Party] is a promotion for World Famous Party hosted by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Goldenvoice.

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[Worst Lovers Ever]
click on the photo to read the screenplay (script) to my next film.
it’s a drama.

[Worst Lovers Ever]

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